Intimate North Shore, Oahu Hawaii Couple Shoot

If we could tick all the boxes on so many reasons why this photoshoot is perfect, the location, the weather, the lighting, are all going to be there. But this photoshoot was not only about them all. This shoot was more about Chad and Marcela, their lovely smiles, their happy spirits, and their intimate love for each other.

We did couple shoot in this location in North Shore, Oahu Hawaii for a lot of times already, but we can tell this couple apart. Chad and Marcela have this glow in their faces that we were able to take amazing shots. The golden hour plus the beautiful view of the beach only added more to the intimacy of each photograph.

We didn’t need to tell what to do and what poses they should make; this couple is a natural! We couldn’t get enough but time was limited. But despite of it, the friendship we have built with them is something we will treasure and will for sure last forever just like their photographs.

Enjoy their photos filled with Aloha!  🌺


Next time you visit North Shore, Oahu Hawaii let us be part of it! Mahalo!


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